Tuesday, 20 September 2011

SquatShops... What next?!!!...

We have a situation in our city center that we need to nip in the b***...as you may have seen and heard thru news, there are squatters who have taken over a certain empty retail store and more may follow!...Our present council (Gov) needs to sort this out pronto! and we as a community need to continue to air our views at the next CityCentre PACT Forum to prevent our city from reflecting a third world country that has no governing discipline. Please do attend our next PACT meeting on 12th October at the Guildhall and air your views and suggestions.

Grand Central Station at Orange Grove?

Many residents have been viewing their concerns about tourist buses congregating for hours along the Weir/The Empire Building and Orange Grove as though it was Grand Central Station!!!... not only for constant congestion of the roads but also pedestrians crossing having to dodge the dangers. Many of the city centre residents including myself have recommended that the tourist buses should congregate at the Avon Street car park and the Riverside Coach park...simple as that...now all we need is council to take note of this common sense approach....let us know your thoughts today and or attend our next PACT meeting on 12th October at the Guildhall.