Saturday, 13 June 2020

Global Protests v Global Riots!

Good day everyone!

Hope all is well with you and staying safe. We have all experienced this agenda and we need to come together as one human race to address this issue with integrity, focus and goal. In the past I have chaired the Bath UK PACT Meetings now we need to expand virtually globally. It has simply become a way of Bullying by rioters occupying cities like Seattle Washington USA and even asking for 'protection' money from small business owners. This is simply extortion and cannot be tolerated. Law & Order must prevail. Swift action must be taken by all Gov authorities period! I had started the Global PACT Forum initiative back in 2018 when I stepped down as your local day to day Chair of City of Bath UK PACT Meetings. Let me know if your city is ready to join our Global PACT Forum today by contacting me via WhatsApp or Text @ UK: 07508800110 or US: 9547078756

All Lives Matter!