Monday, 3 October 2011

Next PACT meeting @ Guildhall 12th Oct 2011

BATH CITY CENTRE RESIDENT & BUSINESS PACT MEETING Wednesday 12th October 2011 Start at 18.30 Brunswick Room The Guildhall, High Street, Bath AGENDA 1. Welcome and introductions - Mandana Sharifi (chair) 5 min   2. Feedback and discussion on priorities voted at  January’s meeting 40 min  1. Street drinking Lead - Police / Sgt Richard Durnford 2. Taxi Marshal hours to be amended to accommodate an 0400 finish Lead - B&NES Council 3. Motorcycles parking for free in the City Centre Lead - B&NES *Bus gate on Dorchester Street Lead - B&NES *Vehicles parking on pavements Lead - B&NES 4. Crime Figures and updates 10 min  5. Discussion and vote on new priorities  20 min  6. Conclusions and date of next meeting 5 min   YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICE TEAM   0845 456 7000

Thomas Jefferson's predictions has come to fruition!

Have you ever read the former US President Thomas Jefferson's manuscripts? He rightfully predicted the world economic downfall and how to repair it!..World leaders need to do a little reading and wisen up! I just hope David Cameron has read his Twitter message from me couple of nights ago! The World Leaders need to take note before communities in every major city protest against their respective government due to lack of economic growth and potential increase into double digit unemployment stats! I urge World Leaders to READ & LEARN from THOMAS JEFERSON before it's too late!

Gang related crimes? Not in my city!

I am pleased to report that gang related crimes have steadily declined in the last 12 months. Congratulations to our community who have fearlessly &/or anonymously reported antisocial activities hence helping our boys in blue to do their job more efficiently and our government in supporting local social youth clubs and charities. Here's to unity in the commUnity.