Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Just incase you are new to PACT.

Partners and Communities Together (PACT) PACT meetings are public meetings - open to everyone living or spending time in a neighbourhood. They are designed to be regular meetings where members of the public raise issues and vote on which issues should be priority. A panel of key partners and stakeholders will then be tasked to action these and report on progress to the next meeting. PACT meetings enable low level, localised community safety issues to be addressed together with partners using all available options and solutions. They enable local people (i.e. people living, working or spending time in the area) to assist with problem solving on a local level. They enable people to ‘task’ their Neighbourhood Team and other community representatives. PACT meetings provide communities with clear information about how they can get in touch with their local Neighbourhood Beat Manager (NBM) or PCSO. By ensuring that there is an opportunity to meet the Neighbourhood Team at a local open meeting, communities will be provided with reassurance that they have access to their local team. Our next PACT meeting is on 18th April 2012, 6:30pm at the Bath Guildhall.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bath Fashion Week...not so local!

As you must have heard, March is a month of many exciting events, firstly the annual Bath Half Marathon on the 11th followed by the Bath Fashion Week on the week of the 25th..now what you may not know is that our city is already being closely watch by as far a place as the island of Bermuda! So much so that a Bermuda Gov dignitary is intending to fly over and see what all the fuss is about, so let's show Mr Simmons of Bermuda how beautifully civilized we are here in Bath...in conclusion we are not just a West Country city in England that gets local attention but also international attention! Guess it must also be our recent award received for being the cleanest city in UK! I am very proud of our city and believe that together as a community we can achieve Greatness!...well done to our Police, Council, David at Tourism and Andrew at BID...and oh yes do remember to circle 18th April in your calenders for our next PACT meeting at the Guildhall...