Saturday, 13 June 2020

Global Protests v Global Riots!

Good day everyone!

Hope all is well with you and staying safe. We have all experienced this agenda and we need to come together as one human race to address this issue with integrity, focus and goal. In the past I have chaired the Bath UK PACT Meetings now we need to expand virtually globally. It has simply become a way of Bullying by rioters occupying cities like Seattle Washington USA and even asking for 'protection' money from small business owners. This is simply extortion and cannot be tolerated. Law & Order must prevail. Swift action must be taken by all Gov authorities period! I had started the Global PACT Forum initiative back in 2018 when I stepped down as your local day to day Chair of City of Bath UK PACT Meetings. Let me know if your city is ready to join our Global PACT Forum today by contacting me via WhatsApp or Text @ UK: 07508800110 or US: 9547078756

All Lives Matter!


Thursday, 20 December 2018


Dear fellow citizens! First and foremost Merry Christmas to you all. Now to the matter at hand. This crisis known as the white elephant in the room (global room) needs to be addressed by every community worldwide. Each community, state and country must take note of the polite of its citizens now before there is chaos and disorder in one’s back yard. I urge each and everyone of us to take part in our communities to calm down and LISTEN to each other’s concerns in order to solve local issues before it becomes a major one! Feel free to contact me via click on the ‘community’ link inorder to get involved or start your town’s PACT Forum chapter today! Email me at

Monday, 18 September 2017


Introducing The PACT FORUM Global Initiative!

As your former Chair of PACT in the World Heritage City of Bath UK, I am truly humbled to announce to the world, the PACT FORUM Global Online Community Initiative so we as ONE can solve our issues locally!. As I have always stated, one must 'Keep it vocal to keep it local' meaning being vocal strategically (now also online) in order to take care of one's community locally. Please do log onto for further details.

Here's to Peace, Prosperity thru Law & Order!
Miss Mandana Sharifi
Your LAW & ORDER Chair
Text US: 954.707.8756  // UK: 0750 8800110

Monday, 7 April 2014

Inspector Steve Mildren steps down from PACT

Sad to loose Inspector Steve Mildren to another city but I presume they needed his expertise even as your former Chair, I see that our top concerns for the city have reduced to a mere ASB and pan handlers issue which makes me wonder if we are going to need the PACT forum any longer and perhaps the active residents associations such as PERA could follow thru now with the city centre residents concerns. Finally well done everyone for your hard work in keeping our historic city of Bath in such good standing! I Miss you all dearly....Just a little reminiscence of the good old days when our (world heritage) Historic Society team with yours truly used to beautify the city such as below at the Royal Crescent was so much fun!

Friday, 25 October 2013

PACT meeting update on Anti Social Behavior priority

Letter of assurance from head of our boys in blue and associate Steve as sent to the Chair of Bathwick Estate residents Association and dear friend Ms Julie Trollope quote:- 

have been asked to respond to your comments following the recent City Centre PACT Meeting. Firstly can I thank you for your contribution to this particular forum which I know you have been a part from the earliest days.
As you are aware, the PACT process is an opportunity for the community to engage with lead organisations, and to influence responses to community safety related issues. The experiences discussed at the meeting, including noise, urination, vomiting and other bad behaviour fits squarely in the category, and this has been raised as a PACT Priority.
Since the meeting I have spoken with your PACT Chair to ensure that we are clear about the objectives and that appropriate action plans have been put in place.
Yesterday, I sat on the three monthly Night Time Economy Steering Group meeting, a multi-agency group set up to oversee and implement initiatives to reduce the adverse effect of the Night Time Economy by reducing, whilst promoting safety. I brought this PACT Priority to the table ensuring it was part of wider discussion.
The Alcohol Harm Reduction Scrutiny Inquiry Day held on 10/10/13, hosted by B&NES Local Authority, also covered some of the areas raised. It was agreed that tackling some of the problems associated with the unhealthy excessive consumption of alcohol,  will very likely address some of the issues of anti-social behaviour and disorder  we experience on our streets. Key findings and  recommendations are currently being drawn up.   
In the short term the local police will continue provide policing, taking positive action against those who seek to ruin everyone’s night out (and in) in Bath. We will work with partners, including licensees to promote well run establishments and sensible drinking.
I would urge people effected by such anti-social behaviour to contact us to let us know. If we are not able to respond immediately, the report will inevitably influence our patrol plans, to help us put our police officers and PCSO’s in the right place to try to prevent reoccurrence. We can be contacted at the time either on 999 if urgent, 101 if non-urgent, or via our website at
As always, a full update on progress will be  made at the next PACT meeting, which will be held on 8/1/14 at the Guildhall, Bath.
In the meantime, if I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to make contact.
Best Regards

Steve Mildren
Neighbourhood Inspector, Bath

Friday, 5 April 2013

Chair stepped down on 14th Feb 2013

Good day everyone I'm sure by now you are aware that I have stepped down after a three year tenor and unfortunately will not be at the 9th April 2013 due to the fact that I'm living in Florida now and reactivated my real estate license. Not to mention that flying back and forth with my Maltese dog 'Pooki' has effected his health via anxiety attacks when I'm not around hence this difficult decision. Moreover, I wanted to let you know that it was a privilege and an honour to serve my beloved community of thirty years, the Bath City Centre. I am pleased that crime reduced by 70% since 2010 and must commend our boys (and girls) in blue! Not to mention that we have officially be awarded the title as the cleanest city in UK due to our creative PR strategies (and a little PR input from yours truly who is also a PR agent of 20 years)... Bravo....GOD bless you all and our beloved city assured that I will still be receiving official updates and keeping an eye from a far! lol..Mandana :0)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Post PACT Meeting updates

Dear all...we had a wonderful turnout at the Council Chambers at the City of Bath UK Guildhall on 9th October 2012...issues raised are being actively solved as we speak since our meeting. As many of you know Bermuda has also reached out for our PACT Forum and we are actively establishing it thru our partnering Bermuda Police and Bermuda Gov. Here's to helping our UK overseas nationals...til next time...Your Chair, Mandana.


Thursday, 13 September 2012

CityGulls solution!

Dear All...let's work together to solve issues that only locals would appreciate and not a consultant!!! Even though I am a PR & business consultant by profession, I feel who better to come up with solutions than the people who actually live here and not potentially a string of consultants whose only interest is to drag solutions in order to get paid! here's my suggestion of which I have also stated to Don Foster online...Email us your suggestions two paragraph solution or simply come to our next CityCentre PACT meeting on 9th October at 6:30pm in the Guildhall...

Sunday, 22 April 2012

PostPACT priorities dwindling?!!

A wonderful turnout at the Council Chambers on 18th April and on behalf of the residents and the businesses of city of Bath, I am well pleased with the accomplishments of our Gov & Police department who are tackling every PACT issue raised hence I am proud to announce that since my two year tenor as Chair our PACT priorities are positively dwindling! Well done team! This has been my personal goal to be in the position of raising residents issues and the insatiable drive to follow thru with Council and our Police to resolve and achieve great results for our beloved city.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

City Centre PACT initiatives to be adopted by Bermuda!

On behalf of the whole City Centre PACT forum, I was much pleased to meet with the Bermuda Government Press Secretary Mr Scott Simmons once again this time in Bath! I was glad to set up a meeting with our team at the Bath Police Station and the official meet with our Right Worshipful Mayor of Bath. Mr. simmons has indicated that PACT will absolutely be implemented in his beautiful island shortly and I look forward to being present for the glorious day! Now back to our affairs in circle in your diaries, our next PACT meeting which will be held at the Council Chambers, Bath Guildhall on 18th April at the usual time of 6:30pm!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The First King Of England was Crowned where?!!! Hmmm

Yes indeed...Our First King was crowned here in Bath, at the Bath Abbey! As you should also know that we are the first in many other things including the first stamp in the world, The Penny Black, being posted from Bath! We should be very proud of our heritage.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Just incase you are new to PACT.

Partners and Communities Together (PACT) PACT meetings are public meetings - open to everyone living or spending time in a neighbourhood. They are designed to be regular meetings where members of the public raise issues and vote on which issues should be priority. A panel of key partners and stakeholders will then be tasked to action these and report on progress to the next meeting. PACT meetings enable low level, localised community safety issues to be addressed together with partners using all available options and solutions. They enable local people (i.e. people living, working or spending time in the area) to assist with problem solving on a local level. They enable people to ‘task’ their Neighbourhood Team and other community representatives. PACT meetings provide communities with clear information about how they can get in touch with their local Neighbourhood Beat Manager (NBM) or PCSO. By ensuring that there is an opportunity to meet the Neighbourhood Team at a local open meeting, communities will be provided with reassurance that they have access to their local team. Our next PACT meeting is on 18th April 2012, 6:30pm at the Bath Guildhall.