Friday, 5 April 2013

Chair stepped down on 14th Feb 2013

Good day everyone I'm sure by now you are aware that I have stepped down after a three year tenor and unfortunately will not be at the 9th April 2013 due to the fact that I'm living in Florida now and reactivated my real estate license. Not to mention that flying back and forth with my Maltese dog 'Pooki' has effected his health via anxiety attacks when I'm not around hence this difficult decision. Moreover, I wanted to let you know that it was a privilege and an honour to serve my beloved community of thirty years, the Bath City Centre. I am pleased that crime reduced by 70% since 2010 and must commend our boys (and girls) in blue! Not to mention that we have officially be awarded the title as the cleanest city in UK due to our creative PR strategies (and a little PR input from yours truly who is also a PR agent of 20 years)... Bravo....GOD bless you all and our beloved city assured that I will still be receiving official updates and keeping an eye from a far! lol..Mandana :0)

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